I have decided to regularly update this page as trips and plans pan out, mostly to keep myself organized.  Check back if you are interested and let me know if you want to come along!  I  was thinking this blog needed to be only for extreme traveling excursions – but heck! extremeness can be found at your local Target, right?  Below are all the trips I have taken since October of last year.

You can always catch me at if you have a free weekend and you are looking for adventure – come along! The past is italicized.

November 2-28: Sudan and Kenya to visit my family

November 29-December 8: South Africa with Desirae

December 8-14: Back to Kenya

December 15-20: Home in Dallas for few days.

December 21-April 18th: working in Vail, CO – come visit and ski!!

May: Back to Squamish

Summer: Super fun camp job – Maybe Estes Park?

Fall: Volunteer trip or teaching English somewhere

2011: Work exchange for a year in Australia

2012: Vancouver, BC, look for media production work?? or perhaps work as a outdoor company rep

Past Trips:

Oct 2-5 – Surprise visit home for mom’s birthday

Oct 8-12 – Arkansas, Alumni Board of Directors meeting for JBU  & climbing.

Oct 17-19 – North Carolina, visit bro and fam before they left for Kenya, climbing too at a gym.

Oct 24-26 – Climbing trip to Jackson Falls, Southern Illinois.

Oct 31-Nov 2 – Madison for a bouldering comp then climb at Governor Dodge.

Nov 7-9 – Red River Gorge – Slade, KY

Nov 13-16 – Dallas for Taylor, Allison and Avery’s going away to Kenya!

Nov 21-23 – Red River Gorge – Slade, KY

Nov 26-30 – New York City with family for Thanksgiving

Dec 11-14 – Denver and Boulder, CO to visit Leah and climb

Dec 23-29 – Dallas for Christmas

Dec 29-Jan 4 – Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Jasper, AR climbing!

2009, baby!

Jan 17 – Bloomington, IL – Hangdog comp

Jan 23-25 – Milwaukee for A Rock comp and friends.

Feb 5-8 – Denver and Boulder, CO for friends and climbing.

Feb 13-15 – St Louis, MI and Milwaukee, WI for VE comp and climbing.

Feb 26-Mar 3 – Horseshoe Canyon Ranch – Jasper, AR. Best climbing trip ever!

March 13-15 – Dallas for Libby’s wedding and climbing at a gym with pals.

March 21-22: Milwaukee and Dodgeville, Wisconsin for climbing at Governor Dodge.

March 26-29 – RRG, climbing around Slade, KY, First trip to Miguel’s of the season!

April 10-12 – Red River Gorge, Kentucky, Climbing

April 16-19 – Siloam Springs and Jasper, Arkansas – Alumni Board of Director meetings at JBU and climb at horseshoe

April 24-27 – Portland, OR for friends and climbing at smith rock

May 1-3 – Texas A&M University for Kim and Jason’s wedding and my birthday!

May 8-11: Cherie is coming to Chicago for probably the best weekend of 2009! Milwaukee and some A-Rock lovin’.

May29-June 7: Squamish!!!!! (Canada)

July 15: Movers come to take my stuff to Dallas

July 16-22: Boulder, Joe’s Valley, Utah and the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake

August 17-20: Surfing in Tofino, on Vancouver Island!

July 20-September 12: Squamish, B.C. I can’t wait to return and get my crack climbing on!

September 10-12: Mazama, WA for the Solid Rock Climbers for Christ Conference

September 13: Seattle, WA – hanging with Alex, climbing at exit 38!

September 14-15: Portland, WA with the Dyers. Relaxing, finding rideshares and buying a Ukulele

September 16: Salt Lake City

September 17-22: Denver visit friends and trying to secure a winter job

September 23-24: Kansas City, Kansas

September 25-27 – Jasper, Arkansas for 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

October 2-4: Siloam Springs, AR for JBU’s homecoming and Alumni Board Meetings

October 5-25: Red River Gorge, KY

October 26-27: Chicago

October 28-November 1: Dallas to pack and see fam


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