Your Story.

You never stop becoming who you are.

This is my motto. This page is just to encourage you to get on it – if there is anything you are yearning to experience or to learn, you should! What is holding you back? Doubts in your ability? Fear of failure? Lack of security? All of these things you can’t know for sure until you try. Sitting around and complaining, dreaming or being jealous of other people doing what you want to do doesn’t help yourself or probably your relationships with anyone you know or love.

There will always be another job. There will always be another day to mow the lawn or pay your bills.  Do what you can and please tell me about it.  We should all encourage each other to overcome fears and we should all support each other however we can, with housing or information or teaching.

I have really learned how community is supposed to work by getting into the climbing community. It is pure and accepting. SO inclusive.  Every community should be like this and I would love to encourage you to do your part as I will strive to do my own.


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