You should totally check this stuff out!  The list below are links, blogs, products, places that totally give me joy, so I thought I would share with you.

1. My bro, sister-in-law and baby niece are in Kenya/Sudan for the next few years and they regularly update what’s going on in their life here. They are tearing it up, learning Arabic, photographing life over there and letting us get a peep into their world.

2. – ’nuff said.

3. REI – this doesn’t get the ‘.com’ because you must absolutely go to the store. It is refreshing when living in a convoluted metropolis.

4. CSA – Community Assisted Agriculture. This is SO cool – you actually buy a share in the produce of a local farm and weekly or biweekly, you can choose, you go and pick up your bag. Some require some volunteer, like helping with unloading the truck once or something like that. It is also cool b.c you get to hang around the other people supporting the same farm and discuss some recipes of how to use the different vegetables or fruit. SO rad.

5. Prana and Verve clothing. Hands down the best climbing, lounging, living, breathing clothing there is. (In my opinion at least.) Prana has such variety and  definitely worth the value with mostly organic and sustainable fabrics.  If you can get them on sale on Steep and Cheap or REI, you’re golden! When they start selling women’s tall sizes next spring, they will really get the homerun. outdoor clothes receive a flattering design! Verve is baller because of how super small and local it is. Christian, the owner is down to earth and totally dedicated to his company and its purpose. Take the link to your local wall or yoga shop and tell them to start buying Verve. I am obsessed with their shorts! Perfect design for sport climbing or any sport – tight but not painted on. And, so I hear the dude shorts are pretty much legendary. Please try Verve, you will not be disappointed. Oh and if you’re a Yogi – the clothes are great for that, too!

6.  Blogs. They keep me pumped during the week and its fun to see what’s going on outside of my little climbing area of the world. Check out P and C. This blog is run by a few climbers/travelers extraordinaire. They are freakin’ hilarious. Also, I give majoy props to Sonnie Trotter’s blog. He has such a keen awareness of what matters. Truly what should take up space in your brain and what is a waste of energy. He always has me thinking with original posts. Plus he’s a baller climber. Duh.

7.  Chaco sandals. Life happens in them. Flops, Z3’s, Z2’s, in winter, in water, in wastelands. They are perfect for every occasion, except maybe your wedding. — and that’s even depending!

8.  TerraCycle – this company is awesome! They reuse everything and make it into something new, and sell to Homterracyclee Depot, OfficeMax, Target, you name it. Also Tom, the CEO, prices everything at a reasonable price so that regular consumers can afford it. I get so mad when I see a recycled material bag for $200. Really? That’s ridiculous. Check it out. He also just got a new show on national geographic called Garbage Moguls that chronicles how they go from trash to cash with worm poop, old oreo wrappers, billboards, laptop casings, etc.

9. Alpha Inventions ( – I think this is a really cool blog outlet, but it is also a classic case of an electronic, i.e. a computer program being smarter than me, so I don’t fully understant it. Exactly why I said i think it is really cool – because honestly, it could just be punking me!



  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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