Posted by: whatallisonsees | August 4, 2009

Good news-Bad News

Good news first:

Yipee!! The weather has cooled in Squamish and we are climbing like crazy. My favorite route so far I climbed yesterday – eventhough it wasn’t a crack… It was right by a beautiful lake called Murrin lake and was this so perfect 11c.  Wow – it had crazy feature upon crazy feature.  Climb past an X flake to a small crimpy teeny edge, long stretch on crappy feet, pulling hard on a layback with even greasier feet, and then some balance to the top. SO good!  Ok, maybe it wasn’t my favorite, but it has been days since we’ve been on anything decent with the 90+ temps here.


I freakin’ lost my beloved Canon G9 camera!!  I had it in Boulder, I had it in Utah at least the entrance to the state. The only I can figure is that I put it on top of my car or something like that and drove off.  😦  $500 – gone! Poof! And now, no camera. Totally angst and agony. Might you shed a tear even?

Going out soon, catching some granite – hoping my fingertips hold up!



  1. Awww sad stuff about your camera! I love seeing your pictures.

    I got way behind and just caught up on the last 9 entries.

    This may show my Kansas-is-oh-so-flat-and-I’m-not-a-climber ignorance, but can you put up a little glossary or something for all of your rad terms? 🙂 I know you’re excited (totally comes through in your writing and I read everything reallyreallyfast) but I don’t know what’s good and bad about slacklines, and 11c and uhm… all the other words.

    btw, sounds like everything is coming together, and I didn’t comment on that one post, but the one about you finally finding what you want to do (be a rep for the equipment that you love) sounds awesome. I’m glad that you’re finding where you feel like you belong!

  2. Ditto. Was that first paragraph even written in English?! 🙂 You crack me up…you sound like me when I start speaking accounting nerd jibberish. (Except you’re a whole lot cooler.)

    Glad you found your camera. Keep on posting pics!

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