Posted by: whatallisonsees | July 24, 2009

Day 7: 2830.2 miles into the trip

It’s 2:37 a.m. and I am driving to Seattle, WA with exactly 1 hr and 40 minutes to go. Katie is sleeping next to me and I am getting bored of my music. I knew the remaining time exactly because I had finished eating some chips at 2 hrs left and when I reached for my Snickers, I held back and told myself to wait for at least another 20 minutes. So finally I bit into to that fantastic candy bar and started to ponder something, “Am I a hypocrite for hating chocolate and peanut butter together but loving chocolate and peanuts?” I remember distinctly taking a bite and it tasting like peanut butter which led me to this thought and consideration of my dilemma for the next 20 minutes or so. Ah, the places your mind goes in pitch black night driving.

Yesterday was my favorite day so far. I am still reeling from it. But first a quick catch up on what we’ve been up to for the last couple days. We arrived to Joe’s Valley, outside of Orangeville, Utah. Talk about desolate! The boulders and climbing was awesome, but the mountain/hill/dust piles were almost depressing. It seriously looked like the remnants of a bombing. It wasn’t too hot, which was nice, I got on some fun stuff, and Katie and I were able to meet up with a friend that was working south of us, Tony, so that was awesome. But … what wasn’t awesome, was Katie falling a couple feet off a crack boulder problem first thing Tuesday morning and rolling her ankle! BIG BUMMER! She has been hobbling around ever since and it is slowly getting better – we are just hoping that she will be able to climb within the next few days! That night we had a fun bonfire and camped another evening under the clearest Milky Way I have ever seen – it was breath-taking. How can one look at that and not KNOW there is a God. How incredible!

So then my dream day began – Wednesday. We drove to Salt Lake, to stop by the Outdoor Retailer show. It is a semi-annual trade show for all outdoor brands. Lots of business and presentations and assortments being worked out. I was on cloud 9!! It was rejuvenating to me. It reminded me how much I truly love working and business AND the outdoors. I think I had just gotten burned out at OfficeMax – when I arrived there in 2007, I loved office supplies and being indoors and was focused on a corporate ladder even though I didn’t realize it. Over the last 2 years, my interests have changed along with where and how I find joy and pleasure spending my time. I still love business!! Realizing that was so motivating! I just need to find a place where I can confidently put myself into my work again. And… I think it is being a brand rep for one of the 30+ brands that work for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. It is perfect for me! I love talking to people about things I believe in and totally thrive off of meeting anyone I can. Then, there is the sales part of it, which I have been groomed for since I was helping my grandmother at her fairs and markets since I was 10. I was totally made for this. I can’t wait to start pursueing it!

Besides all of that fun, I saw a ton of pro climbers, which was rad. I talked to a handful of people I have only even emailed which was even radder and got a mini hookup with 5.10, the raddest. Welll, not in the order. But you get the idea. I could have stayed ALL day! I hope I can go back for the winter show and help out.

So Katie and I drove on after a suckey $15 parking ticket – the meter ran out. Oh, and when we left Boulder, I got a $70 parking ticket due to some bad information. That one can be contested though, thank goodness! We were going to stay with my good friends in Portland, but it was too late to keep them up, so we switched to Seattle where Alex moved recently, but then that got super late, so we finally checked into a motel around 5:30 am. Gooooooood sleep! Waffle breakfast, well deserved shower and we were on the road to Squamish this morning. It was amazing driving in, after a scary border patrol interview. Why are those cats always so freaking intimidating!

We unpacked at our house and drove a bit around town. We landed at the Brew Pub for half price appetizer night (holla!) and my old friend and total baller Zac Robinson showed up. This dude taught me to climb back in the day at A&M. It was so great to see him. Then I ran into another dude that I met at the Red River Gorge last fall which was so great as well. I love the smallness of the climbing world. Tomorrow off to climb some cracks and my goal is to nail the hand jam and get health insurance. Thanks mom and dad for helping out on the logistics of that front!

I promise pictures as soon as I can! Des, just because you asked so nicely! ☺


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