Posted by: whatallisonsees | July 20, 2009

Day 3: DENVER!!!!

So everything mostly worked out with my movers. I woke at 4:30 am Tuesday, found out that the movers were coming noon on Wednesday at 5pm and then commenced my 24 hour pack-a-thon.  Seriously. It was horrendous and not too much fun – especially since this was my chance to eliminate the fat from my life and I ended up majorly failing.  With about 15 boxes marked at MISC. because there wasn’t anything notable within, I was so disappointed. I had tried so hard to get rid of the crap for 2 weeks, going through everything!  Had a moving sale…. and still I had almost twice as many boxes than my moving consultant had estimated from national averages.  ugh.  Plus, for the first time, I actually had to pay cash for my trouble of hoarding.  An extra $1005, to be exact.

Thursday ended up being a huge errand run. It ended up well. I love my bike rack and I got to spend a lot of time with a sweet friend, Laramie.

Friday it began. Katie and I headed out around 1:30pm with a dude that was ride-sharing with us to Denver. His name was Stelth – totally an awesome musician in a band called Dovekins.  He was a pleasure to ride with, especially when he sang to his Eucalaly. It was hilarious and totally awesome. And, if I don’t mind saying so myself, I was a driving CHAMP!  I drove the first 9.5 hrs, Stelth drove the next 2 and I finished up the last 2.5.  Dad, you would have been proud.

Boulder was super fun Saturday, hanging again with friends all day, from Denver and West Virginia and Illinois. It was grand.  We had one sketchy run in with this dude, the homeless guy. But he was one of those scary unpredictable ones.  He came to a table I was sitting at with a few friends and started agressively accusing us of being stuck up and telling us how much he hated Boulder among other things. He had long greasy black hair, a huge basketball jersey, purple painted nails which he pointed at my face, a satchel and one leopard print glove he put on his right hand, of course in honor of MJ, right?  He was spewing all kinds of stuff, but was really being out of control. I felt the need to protect my friends there by asking him to move on, but I was so hesistant at how he might respond to that.  Eventually he moved on and we were glad to reconvene and it got funnier as we watched he talk to other people and how they responded.  Interesting.

We stayed Saturday and Sunday night with the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Matt Null. My friends from the Red River Gorge, it was awesome.

Today we climbed with made me a bit nervous, since it has been a couple week since I have been to the gym and since Squamish at the beginning June since I had been outside. You loose strength and guts so quickly!  So I started hanging some draws on a 5.6, and LAMELY! lowered off…… bah!  Then on top rope, sent that and a really cool 5.10c that had everything from crimps, to underclings, to side pulls – not one positive hold. weird and cool. It was hard, but sent so I wanted something to push me.

I had been watching a couple people climbing a 12b and I really wanted to give it a go – so I did, even thought that grade is way beyond my send even on top rope level. I felt it out, super struggled on the crux, slopey compression thing, but got to the top.  Then got on it again with one fall!!!!  Holla. Guess I still have the strength. Now I need the lead head.  Bah.

Fun dinner – then some night bouldering, back to the casa and hung out with some super new Boulder friends who might be joining me and Katie in Squamish since she keeps offer cheap airfare to them. That would be rad.

On to Estes Park tomorrow and then Joe’s Valley in Utah to endure intense desert heat.  Jealous, eh?

Check y’all later – pictures to come soon!


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