Posted by: whatallisonsees | June 18, 2009

My house in Squam!

After many emails and checking CraigsList everyday, I think I have found my housing for my month and half (maybe more?) in Squamish!


It is relatively close to downtown, full of climberishness, bouldering wall, deck for maaaaaaaaaaad grilling parties and the dude will let Katie and I share the room for the two weeks she is there.  Sweet!  I can’t wait to actually be in my car and driving up to Canada.

I was SO scared and nervous about this whole thing before I quit my job, but now that its out and everyone knows – I want to go now!  bah!  one more month – I can do it. I need the time to sell crap and pack my life up.

Climbing note – I have had so much fun climbing the last few months, but not relaly trying super hard – going during the week and staying for a few climbs at the gym, then peacing out for some glorious “So You Think You Can Dance” or “America’s Best Dance Crew.”  Soooooo, I had decided in that time, I’d become a gumby and was nervous to get on something that was a challenge but doable a couple months ago in full expectation of an epic fail! But – holla! Becuase I got on a pretty interested 5.11c a couple days ago in the gym and it felt great, granted – I totally got screwed at this weird sideways, hip turned inside out, awkward, splitsville drop knee, but after I figured it out, I was fine.

Totally awesome – which makes me try really hard again – I can’t wait for tonight. Plastic, yea, but can’t wait!

Freakin’ awesommmmmmmmme choreo below! (From last season’s runners up – the beat freaks)



  1. AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW is friggin’ awesome. Glad to see another fan is having a good time enjoying the show and looks like many other adventures as well. Be safe!

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