Posted by: whatallisonsees | June 16, 2009

Tasks like Mosquitos.

Warning: This post might be a bit dramatic.


I can’t believe all of the super time consuming decisions I have to make before I move mid July. The benefit of my life change is obvious.

The costs are the tasks. They are a little more subtle, but just like painful mosquito bites that just don’t go away and keep popping up out of nowhere!

1- Use up all of my health benefits as much as possible, which led me to visiting the dentist about 5 times, getting 6 shots in prep for Africa, and getting a routine physical all on ONE month. Phew.

2- Choosing a new Health Provider. So I am going to be paying completely for my own health insurance. Humana? Blue Cross? Aetna? With so many levers to pull up and push down, this decision is impossible!

3- Packing stuff. Selling off stuff. Giving stuff away. That alone I could spend 4 months on.

4- Choosing a moving company. I don’t think there is a right answer here. Seems everyone is super sketchy in this industry and I have to pick whoever I suspect the least.  Not a fan.

5- Changing my permanent address. Which includes. ALL the mail I receive, mag subscriptions, credit cards, etc.

6- Canceling home services, like interent and cable, figuring out if they prorate service, haggling.

7- Establishing car insurance for outside the country – namely Canada.

8- Get back my deposit for Utilities.

9- Clean apt and PRAY the landlord returns all of the deposit.

10- Service car and make sure it is ready to drive across N. America.

11- Find someone in Illinois that has the Yellow Fever immunization, so I can get it while my insurance still pays for it. My county is out until September!

12-Find a storage unit in Dallas, that is the cheapest I can get and the right size, although I have no idea what that will be.

13- Solidify housing in Canada. THAT I am excited about!

14- Get a nose ring! I can’t wait.

15- I don’t know what 15 is yet, but I am sure after a convo with my mom, she’ll remind of something I probably should have started 3 weeks ago. The list is huge!

I don’t mind these things. They have to be done. I just wish they were all easier decisions so I could just make a call and tick them off my list.



  1. totally know the feeling. i went to work on a cruise for 6 months, first time doing something like that in my life – and man! it was fun. but all the preparation totally sucked. Get through it – totally worth it!

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