Posted by: whatallisonsees | June 13, 2009

I’ll never stop becoming who I am.

SquamishOH. MY. GOSH.

I did it.

I quit my job.



This is officially the hardest decision I have made in my entire 27 years.  Who, with a sane mind, leaves an awesome company, better job, super co-workers/friends, and regular nice paychecks for a life of uncertainty, zero cashflow – in, that is, and solidarity?

Simply, I do.

There is this new trend called FunEmployment. It is where people in their 20s and 30s, usually single, have been laid off or have opted for a buy out. They are living off of their severance and unemployment, frugally, on a beach or playing golf everyday.  This makes sense! This is the definition of when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. I am, on the other hand, not receiving an severance, not collecting unemployment, but just straight up quitting in the worst economy I’ve seen in my life.  Not totally logical to many people.

This is not something I planned. I wasn’t dreaming of the day that I would ‘leave it all behind’ and become a rock climbing nomad. It just happened. I thought I was done changing – I thought after undergrad, I had then become who I was going to be. But since this whole revolution started back in December, I have adopted a new life motto. I have moved on from “there’s a reason for everything,” which I still believe, but now its,

“You (I) never stop becoming who you are.”

I think this is an incredibly simple and life changing statement. It makes you free to take chances, to learn, to do something different, no matter your circumstances, wealth, or age. (And, it kinda of encompasses the previous motto, because every situation, good or bad, has a purpose making me into who I am.)

How it happened:

After going to visit Leah, a best friend in Denver in December, the moment I landed, I knew I belonged. I needed to be in that place.  I have been traveling all of the country and world for the last 7 years and that was the first time that I had felt that way – like somewhere besides Dallas could feel like home.  So after traveling back again in February, the decision was pretty secured, that I was going to move to Denver or Boulder and proceed working there, with maybe a month delay to travel or visit family. Then it became a 3 month delay to allow for some climbing, then, slowly it spread to a year – finally landing on a year and a half sabbatical.  I will be traveling and climbing the first 9 months or so, Summer 2010 – get a job at some fun park or something, teach english or work on a build project that next fall and then during 2011, head to Australia for a work exchange for one year.  So circa 2012, I will be back stateside, or perhaps Vancouver looking for jobs in production.

To be clear, this is just a basic outline for the next couple years – I am totally open to whatever could happen along the way. If it gets cut short because of a dream opportunity, or my car blows up or I need some freak surgery that will take all my cash – I am flexible, but a gal needs a plan, ya know?

That’s basically it. I am taking a chance, stepping outside of everything I know, not working for litterally the first time in 13 years – all of this to obey God, to trust Him to provide safety and interactions and basic necessities like a place to sleep and somewhere to do laundry. He wants me to have to count on Him instead of myself. He’s been there supporting me my whole life, providing amply with friendship, monetary security, and success as defined by a business world – money and power.  This is not wrong, but its not going to define me for the next couple years – I will have to find my confidence in trusting my Creator and enjoying the skills He gave me and the world that He formed.

Totally psyched to climb all the new rock and project outdoor! routes.  Can’t wait to build my rack and get into trad climbing!!!  Looking forward to all the camp fires, the new people, the parties and ready to open myself to anything that could happen along the way.

Check back in.

I am going to be posting about my travels and tribulations, and also some videos of random amazing people that I happen across.  If you are curious about anything, let me know.  Ask me questions. Post a comment. Give me ideas. I appreciate the feedback.


  1. Wow. That’s totally insane and so awesome. I don’t think I could ever do something like this. I’m coming out of lurkville to say “good luck!” Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Have you thought about couchsurfing?

    • DeMo – you can totally do it. Your adventure might not look exactly like mine – but you can complete take a chance and a risk. You can always come back to comfort and what you are used to! Check out the ‘your story’ tab on the blog.

      Thanks for the well wishes – and yea, I’ve checked out couch surfing and used it once. Totally a blast!

  2. how are you doing work exchange in australia? I looked into this option a few years back when I lived in new zealand and it all looked kinda flimsy to me… good luck! And if you’re ever in Denver, give us a ring!

  3. where you going in Canada?

  4. wow. good luck. Your “plan” was a little hard to follow…where are you going first and when?

  5. o_0 You’re braver than me, of that I am certain. Best wishes. I hope you accomplish all the goals you’ve established!

  6. Way to go lady. You won’t regret it. xo

  7. Let God lead you Allison for His glory.

    PS: be sure and have health insurance.

    • Thanks so much, Dr. Futrell! I have been looking at health insurance – definitely not an easy decision!! Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. Allison,
    I know I’m totally coming in late on this, but I wanted to wish you all the luck in the world! Your plan sounds magnificent and I don’t doubt for a minute that you’ll pull it off with your usual intelligence and adventureness. (Err… is “adventureness” even a word? No matter.) I’d like to think that our beginning adventures together from Paris, Texas to Germany and Prague played a part in your decision to go out and be free. Maybe they played a small part, but nonetheless, I always enjoyed our adventures together. May your smile, adorable personality, and sense of humor follow you all throughout the world as you spread your love for God and others. I have no doubt you will leave an impressionable trail everywhere you go. Keep on posting…I’ll keep on reading!


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