Posted by: whatallisonsees | May 29, 2009

The Plan for Squamish!

Squamish signIt’s here! Katie and I are leaving for Squamish, British Columbia in Canada tonight!

We have planning and waiting for this day for over two months now.  I would say that we have been training – but I think more appropriately, I’d say we’ve been having fun, climbing, and traveling while talking about training a lot.

We have 3 different hosts that are fantastically going to be letting us crash with them and our days are already planned to be very full with climbing our faces off!

SO here’s the line up.

Squamish Boulders

Climb On shoppe

Lots of Fun bouldering time. I get so pysched to climb on boulders outside – inside is such a downer!  I’ve been talking to the owner of Climb On, the seemingly local baller climbing store. Only open from Wed-Sat, I can respect a good work life balance. So Dan’s going to let us rent a pad or two so we don’t have to pay to carry one on a plane. Totally a rad dude and super knowledgable about the area. We can’t wait to visit the store.

sport lcimbing awesomepetzl spirit express

SPORT CLIMBING!! I know this is not the forte’ in Squamish, but it is what I love, so Katie and I are super pumped to get on some beautiful rock there and send – or if necessary bail. (We grabbed a handful of bail beaners last night, so we are prepared.) We want to try hard and have a great time.  Sadly, I couldn’t find any of those beautiful and sublimly functioning Petzly Spirits before this trip , but one day – they will be mine!

sonniefighting on direct

Guiding. Ok. Now this is totally rad. Sonnie Trotter is going to be guiding me and Katie for a couple days on our trip. This guy is freakin’ awesome, and from working with him, a complete delight! Super nice and flexible while working out the plans: 2 days, 1 crack climbing and bouldering and the other sport multipitching. It is at the end of the trip, so we’ll have to lather J-Tree all week to make sure we are tough and ready to go! Oh and Katie and I are going to look super hot in our helmets for sure. Safety first!  🙂

katie trad rack


Traditional climbing. This is Katie’s thing – the girl’s built up quite a rack and she’s finally going to be able to put it to use!  I bought some totally amazing Moccasyms, so I am hoping they will live up to their crack climbing prowess. So far, they have proved to be stickey and surprisingly comfy for a slip on, so I am headed in with high hopes!

mountain mansquamish wildlife

The warnings. Apparently there are ample mountain men and wildlife face eating creatures.  We have been warned. But – I think this particular mountain man looks like he would have a great story to tell and most of those face eating creatures, look like they would be soft to cuddle with – so I think we’ll be just fine.

So that’s the trip. We’ll be back late Saturday night. I hope everyone else has a great weekend too and finds an adventure where ever they are!



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