Posted by: whatallisonsees | May 26, 2009

Wall didn’t wallow.

Wallow much? If so, you could learn a thing or two from this lady. I certainly did!

A couple months ago, one Saturday afternoon, I was home in Dallas for a friend’s wedding.  Perfect opportunity to link up with a super gal pal, Natalie Wall.  Turned out this girl is way more of a baller than I had anticipated or big-texcould ever dream to be!

Almost done with the day of climbing inside a mostly bouldering gym, Natalie, my sister, Lauren, and I were dead set on all sending this high-ballish boulder problem than started on a vert wall but transferred over and finished on a 45.

We were all three working it for a while getting far but punting out on the finishing hold.  You are on the 45, with both feet directly to the left of you hands, matched on a jug and you have to swing up to the right for the finish. With much fear, I flew and stuck it. Natalie got up to the finish and Lauren and I are cheering for her – my hands up are up to catch her if she falls – and she flew! She got the finish, but her feet swung out right so hard that she slipped off, I guided her down but she fell forward and rotated her hands around to the outside in time to catch herself and dislocate them both.

It was really scary – and surprising because it didn’t look that bad, until we remembered how she caught herself, and not to mention her elbows were bent backwards.  The ambulance was there in 2 minutes and luckily there was a dude there that knew a bit about minimizing her pain.

This chick was amazing. Somehow amidst the uncertainty and the pain, she was joyful and graceful. SO thankful for everyone’s help and even up for a picture in the ambulance and at the hospital to prove the adventure. I felt so guilty and terrible, running over the event in my head again and again, trying to figure out if there was another way to have spotted or caught her – and all she was doing was thanking me for my help and assuring me she was okay.

This was so surprising to me.  That someone could be SO selfless in a time that everyone expects you to be so selfish in a completely desreving way.  Natalie was not. She didn’t complain or wallow.  She blessed me through the whole thing.  She is such an example to live by and I will never forget that afternoon.

natalie at the hospital


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