Posted by: whatallisonsees | April 27, 2009

where i am.

Simple enough.

where i am.

Though usually if someone is questioning there whereabouts, the phrase goes, “Where am I?” not “where I am.”  But in my case – the question here in lies – where i am.

Let me explain.

I live right outside of Chicago in Naperville.  Been here for more than 2 years now. But after that first year, pretty much only my residence has been in Naperville, but my thoughts, my plans, my money, my exercise, even my friends are all somewhere else. I have been so focused on going other places that I haven’t really, really been here. For the Monday through Friday that I go to work and physically reside in Naperville, in all actuality, I am consumed with where the weekend will take me.

Residing somewhere is to make one’s home in a particular place or community.  My bed is here, but my community is absolutely not. What would Thoreau say? Would he think I am “sucking out all the marrow of life?”

allison martyn runningSome would call this running away from something. But it always just seemed like running to something for me. Check out this dude, though. He’s running – yea – but for glee and excitement, I’d say.  He’s not scared or sad or guilty. He isrunning leaving somewhere to go somewhere.  I think that’s me.So am I cheating my life here in Naperville? I guess I would say yes. I haven’t been to a park or a bar or to a nice dinner or for a walk or to a museum within 30 miles of my apartment, I dare say since last September? 2008!

I have some time. Time to LIVE in Naperville, in Chicago. So my challenge is, will I go against statistics and change my behavior or will I stay so outwardly focused that I miss out on what this metropolis has to offer.  Time will tell.


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