Posted by: whatallisonsees | March 19, 2009

“live like you mean it”

Looks like Wisconsin knows what’s up!  “Live like you mean it” is their new tourism slogan.  It replaced the old slogan, “Life’s So Good,” which is strangely similar to the soft t-shirt outdoor brand, Life is Good. This new slogan is supposed to be the perfect ying to the yang of the state brand, “Originality rules.”

Who knew that states have mottos, brands, logos, and slogans? I thought all of these things were mostly synonimous – and I have a grad degree in marketing! Did I miss this class during a last minute climbing sesh? What’s your state’s phrases they live by? Let me know…

I do have to admit how disappointed I was with all of the articles I read online about this – hoping for some psyching motivation about the purpose of our time on earth. Crushing every second to get as much out of each day you can, etc.  But mostly I found strife and contempt for the new slogan.  And mostly the state just mentioned how the slogan is supposed to match with other phrases used in the state. Not much about why or how they chose this one!  bah!

I read about the already abounding resistance from those that have already been using this slogan “Live like you mean it.”  They are concerned Wisconsin will try for a federal trademark? Bacardi, motivational speakers and authors in arms that this should not be allowed. I don’t know about all of that, but I was bummed that Wisconsin didn’t take the opportunity to shout to the earth about the meaning of the new slogan. Jerks.

Bacardi, though – I’ll give them a shout out because it looks like they, combined with my homeland, were ahead on the curve of really living like you mean it!

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