Posted by: whatallisonsees | March 12, 2009

The intoxicating ranch.

Dear Horseshoe,

You are the ballerest.



Crew: Katie Scatena, Alex Podschwit, Allison Martyn, and Evan Martin


The week over new years and for 5 days last weekend, a group of friends and I made a home out of Horseshoe Canyon Ranch outside of Jasper, AR.  Katie Scatena, John Williams, Evan Martin, and Alex Podschwidt made up a fantastic crew of encouragement, hilarity, and sendage.

New Years was great because we met a million other climbers from all over and really got to know the ranch, my fave being the Idaho boulders for sure.  There is just something about bouldering outside.  It is exhilarating.  We got all over the ranch, really trying to get a handle for all of the areas, and then would come back and lush it up in a cabin. Man! There is nothing like sleeping in a cabin and chillin’ on a couch after a day of climbing. cabinHot tubs, and weirdo mini motor boats, the barn shenanigans, SBCs, sport climbing, attempting some hand jams, bouldering, partying, dancing – it was a super mix.  The best parts were meeting the AR climbers that we got to meet up with again last weekend and establishing my first legit project – Make You Cuss, V4, slabish areteville. Oh, and it was rad meeting Daniel Woods with his crew of climbers, Chad, Mike, Sammy, and David.  They were all a good time to hang with and def offered some past time entertainment after we got kicked out of the lodge!

So our trip last weekend was equally enjoyable, in different ways. Different people, different experiences.  We got to climb with some Horseshoe veterans, Lindsay, Wayne, and Tim – totally our treat!  Speleo boxes, hot tubs, empty gas tanks, rain, snow, ice, hail and sunshine were all things that contributed to the memories.

The best moment of the trip came the last day for me when I sent my first legit project.  Since I have only tried it once on the previous trip, it was not a long awaited send, but a send I desired badly nonetheless. Found in the Idaho Boulders, Make You Cuss, V4 was my glory that cold morning. After a few tries of solid starts and MYC stealing away the rubber on my shoes, it had to be done! So I went balls, out on the arete slab problem and rocked a bomber toe hook with my left foot around the arete and suck the bulge of glory and climbed up a few more moves to the top out!  I almost fell on top when I tripped, but stuck that landing too, thank goodness.  It was unlike any feeling I have experienced. Excitement, accomplishment, joy, surprise, relief. It was so good.

Can’t wait for 24HHH!

Katie pulling!Alex a.k.a. musclesballer evan in his down!me. super fun slopey pinch!



  1. sounds like you guys had a great time – i will definitely have to check out arkansas climbing soon. fun post – i’ll keep checking to see what you are up to!

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