Posted by: whatallisonsees | March 4, 2009

So I had this epiphany, …

edit: At the Necessity of adding in a truly important and epic weekend, I have decided to regularly update this post as trips and plans pan out, mostly to keep myself organized.  Check back if you are interested in coming along!

I  was thinking this blog needed to be only for extreme traveling excursions – but heck! extremeness can be found at your local Target, right?  Below are all the trips I have taken since October of last year and I haven’t blogged about one. Weird. SO much happened on these trips, too!  So here’s the list, and tonight I’ll start sharing my new awarenesses I gained from each of them!

Oct 2-5 – Surprise visit home for mom’s birthday

Oct 8-12 – Arkansas, Alumni Board of Directors meeting for JBU  & climbing.

Oct 17-19 – North Carolina, visit bro and fam before they left for Kenya, climbing too at a gym.

Oct 24-26 – Climbing trip to Jackson Falls, Southern Illinois.

Oct 31-Nov 2 – Madison for a bouldering comp then climb at Governor Dodge.

Nov 7-9 – Red River Gorge – Slade, KY

Nov 13-16 – Dallas for Taylor, Allison and Avery’s going away to Kenya!

Nov 21-23 – Red River Gorge – Slade, KY

Nov 26-30 – New York City with family for Thanksgiving

Dec 11-14 – Denver and Boulder, CO to visit Leah and climb

Dec 23-29 – Dallas for Christmas

Dec 29-Jan 4 – Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Jasper, AR climbing!

2009, baby!

Jan 17 – Bloomington, IL – Hangdog comp

Jan 23-25 – Milwaukee for A Rock comp and friends.

Feb 5-8 – Denver and Boulder, CO for friends and climbing.

Feb 13-15 – St Louis, MI and Milwaukee, WI for VE comp and climbing.

Feb 26-Mar 3 – Horseshoe Canyon Ranch – Jasper, AR. Best climbing trip ever!

March 13-15 – Dallas for Libby’s wedding and climbing at a gym with pals.

new! March 21-22: Milwaukee and Dodgeville, Wisconsin for climbing at Governor Dodge.

March 26-29 – RRG, climbing around Slade, KY, First trip to Miguel’s of the season!

April 3 – Portland, OR for friends and climbing at smith rock

April 10-12 – Red River Gorge, Kentuckey, Climbing

April 16-19 – Alumni Board of Director meetings and climb at horseshoe

May 1 – Texas for Kim and Jason’s wedding

new! May 8-11: Cherie is coming to Chicago for probably the best weekend of 2009!

May 29-June 6 – Squamish!!!!! (Canada)

new! July 15-30: Italy – climbing EU style, baby!

new! September 25-27 – Jasper, Arkansas for 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Then, weekend-arama climbing until the rocks glaze over with ice again.




    • True true. This will be edited. ASAP! That weekend is pretty much the highlight of spring for me!

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