Posted by: whatallisonsees | October 15, 2008

Must you ‘look it’ to ‘do it’?

“If one feels the part, does one typically perform the part better?”

So there’s my question. I am the type of person where I need to feel like I look the part in order to do my best at whatever it is. Painting, dancing, working, cleaning, climbing, shopping, camping, shopping…

The girls above represent business ladies, hip hop dancers, and outdoor enthusiasts. For each of these roles, there is a distinct look, and if you show up without it, often times the experience won’t be what you desired.

This is not so that others view me as a fish that belongs in their waters, but more so that I get an extra “umph” of confidence that I can do this – I just get into it more. I can rock this presentation! I can freakin’ own this dance floor! Maybe this is particularly emphasized in my life because of all the different roles that I play. Practically every day I feel like I am taking on the look of someone new. Its fun and keeps things fresh. Why have one look a year when you could just as easily have 365? What do you think – is this totally unattainable?



  1. Hey Allison!
    I agree with you about keeping it interesting with different looks. I tend to do that, but I keep something that is very me. Like I always wear a certain ring or a certain pair of earrings or a certain pair of shoes, and then I change the rest of my outfit around. I think it’s sort of neat to climb and not look like a climber though! It’s sort of like a giant contradiction! =)

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