Posted by: whatallisonsees | October 14, 2008

Winter Is Scaring Me and My Shoes!

OK. I’ll admit it. I’m scared.

I am a Texas girl, completely unaccustomed to changing my wardrobe to match Mother Nature’s mood swings. My winters in the past have mostly consisted of cool weather with an occasional chilly breeze. If its 40 degrees in Dallas, women pull out their fur, scarves, hats, and lush leather gloves. That is because, if they don’t wear it now, there is a chance the weather won’t get that cold again!

The pictures below make me tremble recalling some terrible experiences I had last year with Chicago’s winter. Mid afternoon flurries turning into 3 inches of snow, unplowed parking lots and the cutest flats filled with snow, and my least favorite, overnight blizzards necessitating my wearing into the office rain boots or snow boots.

So here is my conundrum. I spend time and money and emotion building outfits to wear to work. And, as we all know, so many times these looks can made or broken by the right shoes. So, then, what is a gal to do when she can’t wear those perfect kitten heels or peep toe pumps because of pesky snow outside? What I

have seen as the alternative is big bulky snow boots, rain boots, or even tennis shoes. It is so painful to watch such a stylish lady in her pencil skirt, tights, and cropped jacket sporting her Nikes too!? Can someone please offer an alternative to ruining such a great outfit? There must be a more stylish solution without wearing knee high leather boots everyday that will be ruined by the salted snow!

This is my cry for help!


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