Posted by: whatallisonsees | June 19, 2008

They are making a comeback – in Hong Kong?

I could hardly believe my eyes – Birkenstocks everywhere! Mostly the huge flip flop kind, but patent leather, patterns, blue, yellow, white – anything but American brown. I spent the better part of my high school and college years (before I discovered the greatness of Chaco) in my brown leather Birkenstocks, but never thought they were popular outside the US. China seems like such a high fashion, cutting edge city, so to so intensely embrace the granola shoe was surprising to me. I stalked some people to get some pictures. The others show a collection from a store in Hong Kong.

There was also another shoe trend, but I am a bit in denial. Crocs – what is up with these shoes!? I saw grandmas, toddlers, and everyone in between in them ALL OVER Hong Kong and Shenzhen. I don’t get it. The new feminine styles are a little better, more slim and stylish, but those huge ones are so grotesque. Floppy, clunky, blah! Why do you love them so much?



  1. No one under 60 and over 10 should be in crocs. It is just so unattractive.

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