Posted by: whatallisonsees | June 17, 2008

Hong Kong – an outsider’s safe view into Asian culture

So if you are interested in experiencing China, but have never made the trip for fear of getting sick, not knowing the language, Asian style restrooms (a hole in the ground, literally), or general confusion of the culture – Hong Kong is the place for you! It is super western, with ex pats, people from other counties, everywhere. The city is completely amazing and unparalleled – no wonder it’s harbor is regularly rated as one of the top 3 cities to see. Every building is practically a work of art and the sky scrapers often reach into the clouds. While riding up to the peak of the city to look down on its entirety, I rode a double-decker bus. Since I was up so high, I could look down on the other cars and buses and noticed that quite ofteny hav thee advertisements printed on their roof. I guess it makes sense since most of the city spends their time high up in buildings, they can look down and see ads on the vehicles below!

This picture was taken at a fantastic restaurant with the best view of the city’s harbor. Every night there is a light show off the buildings, lasers shooting everywhere and against the super dark night, it was quite a sight to see 75 buildings lit up. Neon heaven. Almost everyone speaks English, to a certain extent, every toilet is western, lots of American style food and they have these fantastic Charlie Brown cafes that have killer drinks. The orange juice everywhere is freshly sqeezed! Eureka!

Sunday afternoon I was able to venture out and found a climbing wall, about 75 feet tall outside a YMCA. The climbers were really nice and helpful. Seems gri gris are the way of the Chinese because they especially like to chill out while belaying, smoking, sitting or whatever. I will be an ATCer for life! I met a guy, Jeremy, that I might be going out with this weekend on a bit of a climbing adventure. Let’s just hope the weather holds.

Random side note: “Remember – it is China!”

A phase I keep hearing from everyone. Jeremy mentioned it for climbing – not to take for granted the bolts when climbing outside, from my boss mentioning food or cleanliness, and from other people talking about explaining concepts and strategies. You can’t assume anyone understands what you are trying to explain; the culture is very literal.

Some Faces of Hong Kong



  1. I want pictures and lots of them. Now getsome one to take the picture with in it. Love it all

  2. dude. you didn’t even mention the non-western toilet! is that in your hotel room?

  3. Charlie Brown cafe rocks!

  4. Sounds like you’ve had some cultural shock there. That’s great because you’ve now fulfilled one of the purposes for visiting a foreign country.

    The toilet issue always shocks westerners, but if you think about it, your legs or any part of your body won’t touch the toilet at all, unlike the western style of toilet. They were designed for a reason.

    So did you get your chicken fried rice in China? 😉

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